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“Carlton also directed the feature films Hannah Free and Jamie & Jessie are Not Together. She brings this story to the screen with confidence and grace. The photography is beautiful. The tone is warm and inviting. This is a party you want to be invited to, and a film you should see.”

The Advocate  “This is a story about the joy of physical and intellectual attraction, as we watch Jenna fall both in and out of love in one night. Ultimately, we see her stand up for what matters most in her own heart.”

Out Magazine: Good Kisser on Must See List!

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"There's huge dramatic potential in such scenarios and they remain underexplored in cinema, often considered too racy for the mainstream and too artsy or remote for those seeking erotic entertainment. Carlton strikes a good balance in a film that really ought to have a lot of mainstream appeal. Her script is incisive and sometimes very funny and she understands her subjects well. Hodge, too often relegated to minor supporting roles, really shows what she's made of. Like that initial conversation in the taxi, this film is brimming with potential."

ORCASOUND Good Kisser @ Outfest

“Besides the sex, there are some rather complex feelings which crop up. Gray areas abound. Conflicted feelings. Second guessing. A power imbalance which happens in plenty of relationships. Along with losing confidence in oneself. All that is kept interesting because who is what keeps fluctuating throughout. Our sympathies sway from one character to the next.”

Seattle Gay News Wenjo Carlton profile JUNE 28

World Premiere SIFF PRESS RELEASE with Cast Links 

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“Good Kisser is a psychological drama to see who fails first. The chemistry between the leading actresses helps the story play perfectly, and you’re left mesmerized and upset, because films like this should never end.” -Ulkar Alakbarova

Cinema Axis

“A complex, and at times steamy, portrait of a relationship on the cusp of change, Good Kisser is worth puckering up to.”

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Two Oh Six

“What I liked most about this movie was the intimate awkwardness and the stumbling authenticity that you don't normally find in a sex fueled comedy but then again this movie really doesn't fit any of the norms you might be expecting anyway. Wendy Jo Carlton's latest creation is very intentional in giving the audience something different but showing it in a way that is so relatable and familiar that you can't help but get emotionally invested.”

Three Imaginary Girls

"Good Kisser is a fresh, sexy perspective on discovering more about yourself, and an exploration of how things aren’t always what they seem. All three actresses are phenomenally convincing here, and I applaud being able to see lesbian romance and sex through a female gaze. Kisser’s director and writer Wendy Jo Carlton keeps you guessing about which way things are going to go through the end, and then leaves you with a hopeful question mark."

Starry Mag Review

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The Globe and Mail

“Some of the lesser-known Inside Out titles include the Mike Doyle’s romantic drama Sell By starring Patricia Clarkson, and the international premiere of the drama Good Kisser, which looks at a relationship between three women and arrives courtesy of Inside Out veteran Wendy Jo Carlton.”


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Inside Out Toronto (Director Wendy Jo was a producer on this!)

Good Kisser Pre-Production Cast Announcements

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