Meet our cast & crew

This team has worked tirelessly to put together a fantastic production. We couldn’t have asked for better collaborators!




Kari Alison Hodge

Kari Alison Hodge is an actress and writer, known for I Am Joe, Piled Higher and Deeper: Still in Grad School,  and Crazy Bitches.

Rachel Paulson

Rachel Paulson has dipped her feet into writing and producing Drink Responsibly, andKleptos. She is the little sister of actress Sarah Paulson, of American Horror Story, and casting director Liz Paulson.


Julie Eringer

Julia Eringer is an actress and producer, known for Fox Trap, Girls Like Magic, and The Missing Knife.

Courtney McCullough

Courtney McCullough has appeared on Showtime's Shameless, in the web series Weekly Meeting, and competed as a geography expert on Fox's Superhuman game show.


Carter Rodriquez

Carter Rodriquez is an actor, musician, and visual artist based in Seattle, known for Brown's Canyon (2017), and Z Nation (2014). He has performed with Café Nordo, Book-It Repertory Theatre, Capitol Hill Arts Center, Seattle Shakespeare Company, The New Amerikan Theatre, Edge Theatre Ensemble, and The Community Theatre. 



Wendy Jo Carlton
Writer / Director

Ryan Purcell
Director of Photography


Amanda Pitsch
Production Designer

Brian Binning
Sound Mixer


Justine Gendron

Alex Guy
Music Composer



Gina Mainwal

Anne T. Hanson


Danny Tayara

Mike McNamara


Brody Willis



Tara Morgan

Jaime Roberts


Elaine Wyder Harshman